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Never Pay 6% Again!

Sell or Rent Your Home With A FLAT-FEE MLS Listing and SAVE Thousands In Commissions
No Up-front Fees! Only Pay If You Close!
Why Us?
freeflatfee.com is backed by 26 years of experience and a proven system to make your sale as smooth and seamless as possible. We don't just list you in the MLS and forget you. Instead, we provide you with the tools and resources like a showing app to easily confirm all your showing requests, an offer management system to respond easily, counter and execute offers, and a transaction platform to guide you from contract to closing.

Don't Take Our Word, See What These Sellers Said

"simple Flat-Fee MLS is very professional with a profound understanding of the real estate market. I sold my condo quickly and easily. I also bought my new home and did simultaneous closings. Everything was completed without any issues. When it is time to sell again, I will certainly use simple Flat-Fee MLS."

E. Lazaro, Miami, Florida

SAVED $14,630

Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Flat-Fee Virtual Listing?

A Flat-Fee MLs Listing is where we activate your listing in the MLS and feature your property on 100s of sites like Zillow®, Trulia®, Redfin®, and many more. You manage you sale with the help from our tools and resources.

Proven System

We provide you with a proven system that will guide you from listing to closing. A showing app to simplify the showing process, and offer management system, and a transaction management system.

What Are The Benefits?

The biggest benefit is that you will save thousands in commissions and receive the service you deserve. Plus, no up-front fees! Only pay if your sale closes!

Our Mission

To provide a value-driven service that is affordable and delivers the client's desired results.

These Sellers Saved Thousands With A Virtual Listing

Compare The Numbers!

Traditional Listing

Total Commission = $30,000

Average Additional Cash to Seller



Assisted Virtual Listing

Total Commission = $16,250

Average Additional Cash to Seller



Total Commission = $12,625

Flat Fee Virtual Listing

Average Additional Cash to Seller



Based on a sale price of $500,000
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Simple, Smooth, and Stress-Free Selling Experience.