How It Works

Sell your home
the simple way and save thousands in commissions.

At simple, we provide you with the most comprehensive, complete seller system. We have you covered from listing to closing and beyond with our NEW simple Seller System™.

Sign Up, Prepare Home, and Submit Property Information

Flat-Fee MLS Listing

With a Flat-Fee MLS Listing, the seller is responsible for pricing the home and getting the home show ready. We provide you with all the essential tools and resources needed to sell your home. Need a property valuation? We can help. Need help preparing your home? Our guides have detailed information on preparing your home for showings. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete these steps before your MLS activation date.

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Assisted MLS Listing

After signing up for an Assisted MLS Listing, we will assign your designated agent or broker to assist you. Your designated agent or broker will prepare a broker price opinion and provide a recommended list price. They will also always be available to answer any questions or concerns. Once you have decided on a list price, submit your property information, and we will activate the listing in the MLS and syndicate it to 100s of sites like Zillow®,®, and Trulia®.

Manage Your Showings With A Simple Click

Flat-Fee MLS Listing

With a Flat-Fee MLS Listing, you are responsible for responding to all showing requests. Once we submit your listing into the MLS system, you will start to receive showing requests. You will receive real-time text and email notifications of all showing requests. You can confirm, decline, or propose a better time with a simple click. Say goodbye to endless calls and voicemails.

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Assisted MLS Listing

With an Assisted MLS Listing, you can confirm your appointments with the showing app or have your designated agent or broker confirm the showings. An agent or broker will accompany all buyers during showings. The showing app lets you view your showing statistics and buyer feedback reports. Knowing a buyer's feedback is a very valuable tool.

Accept, Decline, or Counter Offers

Flat-Fee MLS Listing

With a Flat-Fee MLS listing, once you start receiving offers, you will receive a real-time text and email for every offer. Log in to your offer management platform to review and respond to offers. You can accept, decline, or counter the offer. You will also be able to review all documents. If you are unsure how to proceed at any time, you can add a transaction coordinator or upgrade to an Assisted MLS listing.

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Assisted MLS Listing

With an Assisted MLS Listing, once your start receiving offers, you and your designated agent or broker will receive real-time text and email notifications. Your assigned agent or broker will reach out to review the offers with you and point out any areas they feel need your attention. Your agent or broker will also make recommendations, and then you decide on the final action of whether to accept, decline, or counter the offer. Once you accept an offer, we will assign your designated transaction coordinator to process the transaction to a successful escrow closing.

Manage Your Transaction and Close the Deal

Flat-Fee MLS Listing

With a Flat-Fee MLS Listing, the seller is also the transaction coordinator. You are responsible for completing all tasks to close the deal. Make sure to stay in touch with the buyer’s agent and the closing agent. Also, keep an eye out for any requests from the closing agent. If you prefer to have a transaction coordinator handle the closing process, you can add one at any time from your dashboard.

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Assisted MLS Listing

With an Assisted MLS Listing, this is where your assigned transaction coordinator takes over. They will assist you in completing all required tasks for closing. In addition, the transaction coordinator will keep you up-to-date with every aspect of the transaction. You can also log in and check your transaction status, and you will also receive emails of each transaction milestone achieved until you are clear to close.

It's that simple!

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Flat-Fee MLS Listing

A Flat-Fee MLS Listing is for the homeowner that wants to go at it alone and save the maximum commission possible. We provide all the tools & resources you need to do it yourself and save the commission. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, we offer the ability to add a transaction coordinator or upgrade to an Assisted MLS Listing anytime.

Assisted MLS Listing

With an Assisted MLS Listing, we will assign you a dedicated agent or broker and a transaction coordinator. The seller's only duty is to confirm showings with the showing app and provide access to the property. All buyers will always have an agent with them to show the property. Below is a list of all tasks your assigned agent/broker and transaction coordinator will handle on your behalf.

Note: An Assisted MLS Listing usually generates a higher net sale price. The higher sale price will cover the extra commission you paid for a full-service listing.


  • Offer Negotiation

  • Buyer Qualification Verification

  • Document Preparation

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Open escrow.

  • Coordinate buyer, seller, escrow & third-party communications.

  • Review purchase agreement for completeness.

  • Ensure the buyer’s earnest money deposit is in escrow on time.

  • Ensure the buyer’s earnest money deposit is subject to forfeiture if the buyer fails to perform.

  • Review the escrow instructions for errors.


  • Verification of necessary signatures, initials, and addenda on contracts.

  • Complete commission disbursement forms.

  • Draft the Seller’s Disclosure Packet.

  • Draft addendums.

  • Monitor deadlines during the contingency period and provide a demand notice to the buyer if the timing isn’t met.

  • Ensure the loan contingency removal is tracking on time.

  • Ensure the loan underwriter has the various certificates and clearances needed.

  • Obtain the contingency removal form by the contingency removal date, or serve the buyer a notice to perform

  • Deal with the request for repair process or waivers.

  • Obtain other waivers where applicable.


  • Regularly update & maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lenders, etc.

  • Coordinate the final walk-through.

  • Document communications among the parties.

  • Audit the file prior to the close of escrow to ensure all paperwork is complete.

  • Ensure tax withholding exemptions are completed

  • Create a complete file for the client, typically in electronic format, to help with IRS filings.

  • Provide weekly summaries with the status of the transaction and deadlines.


  • Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan, and appraisal processes.

  • Coordinate the final walk-through.

  • Coordinate inspections, assist in repair negotiations, and coordinate the completion of repairs.

  • Submit all necessary documentation to the office broker for file compliance.

  • Coordinate moving/possession schedules.

  • Review closing figures for errors and schedule and coordinate the closing process.